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You were warned I was gonna drop this upon you, so here it is.

The FFWD SIMPEL SESSION PHOTO EXCLUSIVE, this is also compiled with a video from JC Pieri, who also put together another edit from Estonia, which can be seen here.

Also, from Estonia, which I havent posted yet, is Mikey’s edit for Ryan Taylor, which can be watched here, which has one of my pictures used as the default still! 🙂
AND IN A COMPLETELY UN-ESTONIA-RELATED NOTE…….but still FFWDBMX related note, check out this LISBON VIDEO that Mike King did, its fucking rad.

That’s all for now, so check out these 4 sweet links I’ve given you and enjoy all the pictures and videos.

Goodbye for now.


Simpel Session 2011

Just got back from Simpel Session 11 in Estonia, and it was sweet, if not better than any other year.
This year a hand full of us went for about a week, and the others went for about 5 days, but however long you go, and however much you drink, its guaranteed to be an occasion to remember.

Obviously, I did take quite a few pictures, of which I have uploaded to facebook, the albums can be found here and here. I haven’t uploaded any riding pictures yet as I am sending them over to Mikey at FFWDBMX. So keep your eyes peeled for that photo feature!!

I have however put together a short edit showing the Simpel Session experience through the eyes of me and a couple of my mates, which is below.

You may have also seen my edit of our times in the hostel, which is posted below this post, so if you haven’t already seen that, take a look at both of them now!!


Drunken Estonian Hostel Fun

Simpel Session isn’t just about the contest and the parties.

This is a little video I put together documenting time spent in the hostel where we stayed.

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