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Ross Penny Photography

Mark Webb’s Ghetto Shed

The other day Bean Can popped up on my facebook chat and asked me what I was doing on the Friday just gone, which I luckily had nothing planned and was off work.
He told me Mark Webb asked if I wanted to go to his warehouse and take some pictures and maybe shoot some footage. I obviously jumped at the chance, so the next day, I headed up to the renounded Ghetto Shed, and basically didn’t know what to expect.
Obviously I had seen it on the edits that have popped up etc, but those ramps do not do justice until you are stood next to them, they are massive.

Anyway, back to the actual taking pictures part of this update……I hadn’t taken pictures with my new camera at all, in fact I hadn’t even taken pictures since before winter, other than the one shot I took of Bruza doing a wallride at the bus station, but that was taken pretty raw and I didn’t set up anything.
So, with this lack of practice in a while, I was a little sceptical to be honest. But the fact I was only there to mess about and have a good time made it a whole lot better. That fact aside, the photo’s were going pretty good to be honest, and everyone were busting out banger after banger, even though they were just having a ‘chilled’ session, if you were there, you wouldn’t believe it.

So I shot a load of photos to get back into the swing of it, then Webbie asked me to get a picture of a walltap (see below), and while I was up on the mini ramp we got some more air shots, a few of which I have posted up.
Then after I took some shots of Ben Cobley, I deceided to get my film on, so I could put together my second edit.

I spent about 6/7 hours of my Friday night there, and it felt good to be back taking photo’s again. Below are a selection of the pictures I took that night, which I felt were the better ones. I dont think I really need to add any explanation to them. Below the photo’s there is my edit of that night that I put together, there is some great technical stuff in there, even though they weren’t expecting to be filmed and were having a relaxed ride.

Have a look at the photo’s and take a wee peek at the video and let me know what you think.

Thanks to Webbie for inviting me to come up and shoot, and cheers to everyone there that night putting up with flashes firing all the time and letting me run around with my camera and filming them ;).



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