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Monthly Archives: December 2010

FFWDBMX Mike King Interview

On Christmas Eve, this interview of FFWDBMX’s Mike King from Kurt at BMX Union, here is the >>>>>> link to the interview, I was gonna post some videos in this post to go with it, but Kurt seemed to cover all the recent videos that I was thinking of posting…..except one, which if you havent seen, watch it right this instant, then go over to the interview and read and watch it all.

Peace out.


Bus Station

Went to the bus station today, as thats the only place to ride during the snowy winter……….it sucks.

Unfortunately it is very low light there, and I was too cold to set flashes etc up. So I had to use a high ISO, meaning this picture is mega noisy. Which hopefully will be a lot different when I get my new camera, which I ordered yesterday, WOOP 🙂

Not much to say other than the fact its a very noisy picture, but I havent updated anything in a while so I thought I better post something.

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