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Built For Sin Apparel

The other day, I got a text from SJ Whiteley of Built For Sin Apparel, asking me if I wanted to shoot some pictures of their new “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Vest (click to view), as I leave just round the corner and she needed them done ASAP, in time for all you guys to buy them for xmas!
Of course, I said yes, especially as I could do with some experience in shooting ‘Models and Portrait’.
So the next day, I went round and shot some pictures in their living room.

They were more than hospitable, helpful and fun, they knew exactly what they wanted and were extremely nice in making sure I was comfortable and everything was fine. I had a great shoot, of which I got all the pictures sorted and posted the disc round to them later that night after work.

I’m fairly pleased how they turned out and I’d love to do some more shots like this in the future! So if you want any done, holla me up! Check out the new vest on facebook here.

And props out to Tom and SJ! This ones for you…..


Park Prewett/Paranormal Bacon

This weather has been miserable, so its been difficult to get photos and an update in a while, so I thought I’d treat you guys with something different (not BMX) for a change.

There’s a abandoned mental hospital near us recently they have started turning into flats and apartments, if you ask me, with all the stories and events that have gone on there, you’d have to have some guts to move in…although, I am a pussy.

Nevertheless, the Children’s Ward/Nurses Building is still up and someone has conveniently cut a square whole in the fence recently.

As I have never ventured in there, I thought it would be worth a look and taking my camera in with a couple of friends, who…at the moment are filming a film called ‘Paranormal Bacon’.

That day was a right laugh, after we had visited Park Prewett, we went back and devised a plan to break into a friends house and fuck shit up, without him knowing, then filming it and see how freaked out he was……..and I have to say, it worked perfectly, it was so funny.

I have a feeling that will be edited up into a video, so stay tuned for it, as well as the Paranormal Bacon mini film….stay tuned for that too.

So, here for you, right now, are the pictures I took at Park Prewett and the Trailer for the mini film ‘Paranormal Bacon’ which is COMING SOON!!

Park Prewett Photos:

Paranormal Bacon Trailer:

FFWDBMX Summer Edit

Mikey has bee saving a load of clips he has been taking while out and about doing his thing and having a good time.
Well at least this is what he says on FFWDBMX.

Mikey, to say the least, is an amazing filmer, even if I do hate him with all my heart and it pains me to compliment him, god I hate that guy.

But here is the Summer Edit he put together, and it’s fucking RAD and as twitter suggests he is “Stoked on how this came out”, and along with the edit below, here is a top 5 interview he had for >>>> rideUKBMX.

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