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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Chunky is a Maniac

Even though Chunky is basically disabled, this boy never ceases to amaze me when he asks me to come down and take a picture of him because he has learnt flairs onto the box.

I didnt believe him at first, mainly, because he is full of shit 85% of the time, but nevertheless I went down and asked him to do one quickly before I set up…….this resulted in him nearly doing a 360 flip and landing straight on his bad leg.

So what did he do?…..he got up and did it again so I could do the picture……

Enjoy (click to enlarge)


FATBMX – Ben Cobley Favourites

My mate just sent me this link, FATBMX used one of the pictures I shot at King Of Southsea at the end of August for FFWDBMX for an interview with Ben Cobley, and he also listed me as his favourite photographer, so that’s left me pretty stoked really.

The FATBMX FAVOURITE INTERVIEW can be found there, and the full FFWDBMX KING OF SOUTHSEA PHOTO ARTICLE can be found there.

Peace Out.

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