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FFWDBMX Exclusive: King Of Southsea

This weekend I headed to Southsea to attend King Of Southsea, since King Of Concrete finished, this is as close to it as you will get.
With some great sponsors, some great riding and some great times, the weekend was pretty sweet.
I was there with Mikey King from FFWDBMX doing an exclusive, while he did the video exclusive shown below, I was taking pictures, which is also linked below, just before the video and after this write-up.

CLICK >>>>> FFWD Photo Exclusive – King Of Southsea 2010 <<<<< CLICK


Check out this guy.

I don’t have any clue who this guy or where he is from, but I have only seen 2 of his videos and they were both rad.
I don’t usually post about people unless I know them or there is something big going down, but this guy deserves it, his name is Timo Stabentheiner. To be honest, he might be well known already and I’ve just been in the dark for all this time.
But check out his Vimeo here, I know I will be.

And check out this edit he did for FFWDBMX that I’ve posted below.


I was at work last night, I had my camera due to it needing a sensor clean, and work has a brilliant spotlight for that.
So I thought I’d get some quick snaps with my 50mm. So that’s what we have here.
And if my manager is reading this, I had already done work and I was waiting for the films to finish…I swear 😉

I put them in a gallery this time, instead of each picture singley, lets see how that works.


Basingstoke Sucks

Basingstoke is boring, I’m sure for everyone who doesn’t live here it probably isn’t that bad. But as always, when you live in a place, it just gets boring and you want a change of scenery.
But, as usual, I complain and complain, but do sweet fuck all to make a change. So when my birthday came around and I bought myself a new Fisheye, I thought I’d also treat myself to a new 50mm and get arty and mess with some depth of field. So, here’s some 50mm shots, nothing special to be honest.
Oh, and I threw in a couple of Fisheye shots too. Just a little Boringstoke update for you.

Click to make bigger.

Boardmasters 2010 – FFWDBMX Photo Exclusive

Here is the update I promised.

Yet again Mikey over at FFWDBMX and I had a treat of a weekend at Boardmasters, so I sent the pictures over to him with a write up. So below is a link for you to go check out, along with an exclusive sequence shot of Bruza getting crazy.

To see more pictures of boardmasters, if you are interested in more than just the riding, I have put together a couple of Facebook albums of other photos I took, compiled with some of my favourites that Sam King took. They can be viewed here and here.

So Enjoy!

CLICK >>>>> FFWD Photo Exclusive – Boardmasters 2010 <<<<< CLICK

Wooden Waves

Just got back from Boardmasters in Newquay, it was pretty crazy, but I will update you on that later so stay tuned for updates on Boardmasters 2010.

For now I will leave you will a couple of pictures I took at Wooden Waves, which is just down the road from Fistral Beach where Boardmasters is held.
These 3 pictures consist of Hank doing a Wallplant, and 2 pictures of Tommy Bruza Backflipping the box, PROPS TOMMYYY.

So here are the pictures and as always, click to enlarge.

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