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NASS 2010 – FFWDBMX Photo Exclusive

As I have said in a previous post, I got a press pass for NASS 2010 through FFWDBMX this year. I have now finally caught up with Mikey, after his busy schedule of NASS, Masters, and heading out to France very soon. He just posted up the Photo Feature I did for him, so the link is to follow, along with a .gif of Chunky’s MAD back rail peg on the Elvis Ramp and a photo of the bundle afterwards where I nearly got my camera crushed. (if the .gif doesn’t load, try clicking it to make it bigger.)


CLICK >>>>> FFWD Photo Exclusive – Relentless NASS 2010 <<<<< CLICK


One response to “NASS 2010 – FFWDBMX Photo Exclusive

  1. Hench July 23, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    Ladies, Ross Penny is one serious Hot mother fucker so get involved. However if you prefer the more sumo type with arms that touch the floor then Im ur monster. Maybe me and the penny monster could get on it together. Then we could have some hot material coming out of the dark room. Hit us up.

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