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Happy Birthday To Me.

It’s my 20th Birthday on monday, so I thought I’d buy myself a present, so I bought a new 8mm fisheye and a 50mm.
The fisheye came today, so just before it rained, I took a quick snap shot of the front of my car.



BOOM, Mike Miller Proper 2011 TTL

Miller liked the pictures I took the other day at tadley so he sent a couple over to Proper, and they liked them too.
See the screenshot below and click it to read more on the mini Miller interview with my picture included, shame they didn’t link my website properly, but my name is there, and thats what counts!

And here is the Actual Advert.

Miller Advert

Before Miller Got A Hole In His Leg

Went up to Tadley tonight as I was talking to Miller and he said he was out. Also I haven’t taken any pictures since NASS so I thought I’d better get on it before I go mad.
I took these of Miller just before he tried jumping over the fench no handed and ended up failing and putting a hole in his knee via a rusty screw….

Anyway, enough about his stupid shenanigans that he carried out even though I told him not to.
These pictures are nothing special, just a couple of a 360 Can and one of a 360 Lookback, unfortunately I didn’t get him eating shit over the fence, BOOSH, here they are, as always click to enlarge.

NASS 2010 – FFWDBMX Photo Exclusive

As I have said in a previous post, I got a press pass for NASS 2010 through FFWDBMX this year. I have now finally caught up with Mikey, after his busy schedule of NASS, Masters, and heading out to France very soon. He just posted up the Photo Feature I did for him, so the link is to follow, along with a .gif of Chunky’s MAD back rail peg on the Elvis Ramp and a photo of the bundle afterwards where I nearly got my camera crushed. (if the .gif doesn’t load, try clicking it to make it bigger.)


CLICK >>>>> FFWD Photo Exclusive – Relentless NASS 2010 <<<<< CLICK

Day to Night Time Lapse

Vimeo finally let me upload this, I’m not sure what the problem was, but it seemed to be worked out by uploading it at half 1 in the morning. Anyway, here it is, as promised. It’s pretty shit to be honest, just another load of time lapses.
Here you go.

Jonny B’s Rado

Back from NASS, had a wail of a time, I did take some pictures of course, but I’m currently in the process of not putting them up here and working out with other people what I’m gonna do with them, so hold tight, I’ll post any updates on them on here.

But this post isn’t for nothing, oh no, on monday night I headed up the unit to watch a film and take some pictures of Bevell’s newly slammed and newly wheeled Corrado. So thats basically it, here’s the pictures, enjoy, and click to enlarge, ya get me.

Big Update

Ok, so due to the fact I haven’t had my laptop, then I got it back but my flashes weren’t working, then when they were working, my laptop broke again…..I haven’t posted some pictures or an update in a while.

So you’re in for a treat, well not really, just like 10 photos. It would be a time lapse too, but the stupid Vimeo won’t let me upload the video, so you’ll have to be patient on that.

Also, I managed to get hold of a press pass for NASS, which is where I am going on friday, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on that too.

Here are the photos, first 3 are of Chunky, 2 toothpicks on the sub box and a 360 over the spine…pretty self explanitory.
Next 3 are of James Bruza, Table Air, Turndown Air and Toboggan Air, again….pretty self explanitory.
The one after that is Craig Sims, No Hander Air, never seen him do one before I took this picture.
2 pictures after that are of Lil Sam, who unfortunately took a nasty crash the other day and had to go to hospital, I wasn’t there but apparently he didn’t get his hand on properly from landing a Toboggan Air and landed on his face taking a gnarly slam, the doctors seemed to think it was much worse than it was apparently, so hopefully Sam should be back to normal soon and back on his bike! GET WELL SOON SAM! But here are the 2 pictures of him, a Table Air and a Toboggan Air.
And lastly but not least theres a picture of towey doing a Toothpick and Adam Hunt doing a Table Air. I took a couple more pictures of Towey but I think he wants to keep them aside for a bit, so I’m not putting them up here at the moment.

Enjoy the pictures, Click to enlarge 🙂

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