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Tadley Park Opening Jam

Today was the long awaited day of Tadley’s new skatepark official opening Jam, I was asked by Jack of Ride Basingstoke to get some pics for his site, and of course I’m not gonna say yes then not do it, even if I only got like 4 pictures….I also got given a card by Maverick Skatepark Design, who was the company making the skatepark, asking for some pictures, so I’ve sent them this link, so keep your eyes peeled on that website.

It was a good day, lots of people came, some good stalls and some gnarly shit went down too.
Other than that, Chunky plowing a little kid after sending a 3 Whip and destroying one of my lightstands and Miller taking a beating from the floor and ending up with 5 stitches, it was a pretty good day, and the weather held out too!
So here are the pictures I took, while still extremely hungover and tired from the night before.

First, Chunky Bars Air…Standard. Second and Third, Usher…Lookback and 180 over the box. And lastly, Mark Webb sending a dialled invert.

Enjoy, and as always click to enlarge.


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