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New Tadley Park

A while back there was a national lottery funding poll for the Jake and Lee Fund for a new skatepark in Tadley, every man and his dog voted for the skatepark I swear, I know I used about 4 different phone lines to put in my vote.

But nevertheless, it has just been built! and even though the official opening/jam is on Sunday, there were quite a few people down there today because it had just been painted. So I took a leisurely drive over there to check it out…and it’s a treat! A proper good job has been done on it.

So, I took some photo’s, if I’m not mistaken, they could well be the first ever pictures taken at this park, haha, so here they are, complete with a shot of Miller giving out his autograph to a local admirer!

First of all I’ve started with the picture of Miller giving out his ‘John Hancock’, followed by a picture of him doing a pretty mad 360. Third is a picture of Adam sending the first ever backflip at this new park, and the last two are of Chunky doing a 360 x-up and Craig doing a No Hander.

So here they are, Click to Enlarge 🙂


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