Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography

First Time Lapse

Since I saw Sam King’s Time Lapse’s, I’ve always wanted to try one for myself, and I’ve also always wanted to try out some video editing, and as I don’t have a decent video camera, I thought I would set up my camera and take some shots for a Time Lapse.
Funny story really, well not so much funny, as actually quite boring and slightly annoying, I was waiting untill an intervalometer came in the post as my camera doesnt have one built in, but when I eventually got it and thought a road trip to Glouscester would be quite a good time to take a Time Lapse, the intervalometer, wasnt actually an intervalometer, just a timed shutter trigger, so, the Time Lapse didn’t really work out the way I planned.
But anywho, with the 2500 odd shots I shot, I made a Time Lapse.
Now this is my first Time Lapse, in fact its my first ever video editing session thing, so please comments are welcome.
The quality is also pretty shit as I wasn’t sure about my jpeg settings on my camera as I always shoot in RAW, so Im sorry about that.
But please watch it and tell me what you think.

Thanks 🙂


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