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Lack of Activity

I apologise for the lack of posts and pictures recently, my laptop screwed up for some reason so I’m without PhotoShop, the internet, or any kind of computer at the moment. Hence the reason I’m updating from my phone right now.

Once my laptop gets fixed I’ll be sure to be back on track with updates and pictures.

Peace out homies.


I’ve Run Out Of Titles For Tadley Pictures

Well, the title says it all, I took pictures of stuff (mainly Chunky) at Tadley, they’re nothing special, not that great, but here they are.

Oh, and Chunky got Terrorised by Towey after Tommy Bruza tried to get Chunky to spin round for 30sec and then do a bunny hop, Check out the video here.


Sam King recently went out to France to go to FISE, with FFWD’s Mike King and co.

And within a day I’ve already seen 2 EPIC photo’s and an amazing time lapse from him. So just look and watch, and keep an eye out on FFWDBMX , for an edit from Mike King, as I’m sure that’ll also be a treat!

(Pictures and Video by Sam King, of

Basingstoke to Tadley

Now the Tadley park is open, that’s the place to be, well, at night anyway.
That’s basically what I did today, during the day, Basingstoke is absolutely empty, other than Chunky, because he doesn’e have a life, or a job.
Then at night you travel 15 miles down the A340 to Tadley, just for the evening, the sky looks good, the Tadley boys come out to play. So that’s what I did today, went to Basingstoke park, took a couple of pictures of Craig Sims, then about 8ish, went up to Tadley and took a few pictures of Adam Hunt a.k.a. Dave.

So here they are, click to enlarge and all that jazz.

4am to 6am

I was up gone 4am this morning, don’t ask me why, I don’t know. But when I heard the birds chirping I could tell it was probably time to go to bed.

But before that, I set up my camera to do a quick timelapse of the daytime slowly approaching.
When I got down in the morning I looked at the pictures, and I thought they were crap to be honest, but I thought I’d edit them, make a video and see how it turned out anyway, so judge for yourself.

Can of Beans

Bean Can, what a prick, but despite the fake rasta look he’s got going on, the stupid bright orange van and the fact no one likes him because he’s a douche. He just re-learnt whips – so below is a shot for you viewers out there.

Craig Taylor is Back

Craig is back on his bike, got a working bike, and is back to blow us all away.

The last time I took pictures of Craig was so long ago, but he’s finally had the sense to get back on his bike, eventually, but no matter what, he got back on his bike and could still Table Air, 180 Bars and Turndown.

So BAM BAM here’s some pictures already for him, because he’s gone from a myspace whore to a facebook whore and needs up to date pictures.

Sam Parky Parkinson

Parky, what a character, what a twat.

Feast your eyes on this footjam.


Dave From Tadley Bathrooms.

Ride Basingstoke Official Photographer

Just the other day after I took some pictures for Jack at Ride Basingstoke, Jack asked me if I wanted to be the ‘Ride Basingstoke Official Photographer’ which is very flattering, and I guess it saves him stealing my pictures anyway haha.

So after Jack offering me stickers and a t-shirt then sending me over some questions to answer, I got a page up on the Ride Basingstoke Website, which can be seen here, Jack has been good to me, linking me everywhere, any time he uses my pictures he credits me and links my website, and now to do this obviously means my pictures must be doing something for somebody.

So cheers buddy! and head over to Ride Basingstoke people, buy a t-shirt, check out the pictures and videos, read through the articles…just appreciate the website.


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