Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography


Ok, this isn’t much of an update really, there’s no big change of layout or anything fancy like that.
But as you know, my site has only been up for a month and I’ve been recieving a fair amount of good feedback comments from it, although there was one thing people had said was annoying, and that was on my portfolio you couldnt click anywhewre to go to the next photo, you had to go back, and click etc. and it could get annoying.

So for the good of the viewing public 😉 I have fixed this now, so when you are viewing my portfolio pictures, if you click on the picture you are viewing, it will direct you to the next in the sequence……aren’t I nice! I have also thrown in a couple of new ones I’ve taken recently that I like 🙂

So please take a look, and if there is any other criticisms, please don’t be afraid to mention them.



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