Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography

Sunny Day With Mike Miller

As my previous post shows, it was a nice day, and Adam and me decided to bully Miller into performing for the camera while I was sat on top on the 6ft.
So these pictures, yes they’re all taken from the same place, same angle etc. but fucking hell that boy needs to calm down.
You might as well just take a look, I’m sure theres not even much point in writing anything because you’ll probably think it when you scroll down and see the pictures.
There was going to be a No Hander air picture and a flatspin 540 picture too, but Miller was a complete pussy and went home to snuggle in bed and suck his thumb, and accroding to his facebook on multiple occasions, probably perform so disgusting sexual acts with farmyard animals.

So feast your eyes upon these pictures, and enjoy them, or die…….the choice is yours.


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