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Ok, this isn’t much of an update really, there’s no big change of layout or anything fancy like that.
But as you know, my site has only been up for a month and I’ve been recieving a fair amount of good feedback comments from it, although there was one thing people had said was annoying, and that was on my portfolio you couldnt click anywhewre to go to the next photo, you had to go back, and click etc. and it could get annoying.

So for the good of the viewing public 😉 I have fixed this now, so when you are viewing my portfolio pictures, if you click on the picture you are viewing, it will direct you to the next in the sequence……aren’t I nice! I have also thrown in a couple of new ones I’ve taken recently that I like 🙂

So please take a look, and if there is any other criticisms, please don’t be afraid to mention them.



Boring Wednesday Night

Well, even though it was boring, it was still dry, so as usual when its dry I wanted to get some pictures, even though I only took these 2 pictures below I thought I’d post them for you lot anyway, and by you lot I mean the 7 people that look at my website….think its gone up by 3 😉

Anywho, the first picture is Miller, and well, 3 Table, nuff said yeah? And the second picture is nothing special, and even chunky hated it, but I’m posting it up here for Hank 🙂 and if you look at the picture, you’ll know why.
Anyway, enjoy! Click pictures to enlarge 🙂

Ride Basingstoke T-shirts!!!

Alright, you’ve seen the Emulsure T-shirts and bought one right? (if you havent, fucking do it already!)

Well now, new and exclusive, and available right now for the cheap ASS price of only £10 there is RIDE BASINGSTOKE T-SHIRTS available right hereeeee, so go there NOW and grab one before they sell out!! In fact here is a picture just to entice you more….SO GO SPEND YOUR WAGES ON SOMETHING THAT MATTERS FOR ONCE. And if you havent already checked out Ride Basingstoke, do that too!

Tom ‘Impatient’ Ivett

Out of all the updates I have done tonight, this boy has been the only one to hassle me 😉
Nah, only kidding, he’s a good guy really, and eventually, these are the last of my pictures from the last 3 or so days.
And what a couple pictures to end on, these were pretty crazy to shoot, you ask Tom if he wants any pictures or if you can take a picture of something, and he does it 10x as good for the camera.
He was going off tonight with some real good stuff, so I thought it would be good to get a couple of pictures, I’d like to add the table and stingbeetle (or whatever its called) were on the street hip, which doesnt particulary have a transition, but he still fucking went for it. Anyway, here’s the piccccatuuressss, so you can stop complaing now Tom yeah? 😉

Click to enlarge.

Adam ‘Cunt’ Hunt

Well, I don’t normally mask my mouth when it comes to words like cunt, so why would I do it now? Especially when it comes to Adam, the type of person who spends a load of money on a sweet mk1, then crashes it into the back of someone…..good one Adam.
But all that aside, he ain’t a bad rider, I don’t get many pictures of him, but again, I plan to change that, especially when he gets his mk1 finished…..expect to see pictures of that badboy up here too.
I’m not a great fan of this picture to be honest, but after injuring his leg on the 4th time of doing the trick, I thought I’d post it up, and maybe get another one, another day.

Click to enlarge 😉

Luke ‘Injured’ Towey

Luke is injured, simple as really, he took a bad hit when being his usual hectic self.
So here’s a couple of jibba shots I took of him today as he cant do anything I want him to do because he’s too much of a wimp to do it with an injury, I mean, Chunky does it all the time, but Towey can’t…..what’s up with that?
Oh yeah, and Towey got a new bike thanks to James Hitchcox over at Zeal, so check out that too, and buy loads of parts from them.

Click to enlarge, and check out the sweet .gif.

James ‘Douchebag’ Ivett

James hates the words ‘douche’ and ‘douchebag’, probably because those are the words that most accurately describe him, other than ‘pussy who doesnt like scary films’ or ‘murderer of Ross Penny once he sees this post’.
But truth has it, he aint a bad rider to say the least. So here’s a video that Craig Tull of Emulsure shot in an average day with Bruza. And below that is a shot of a Lookback I shot just as it started to rain.

Craig ‘Stupid Face’ Sims

Well, I hate Craig…..everyone does, he’s a prick, and he wont give me his skyports, so it makes me hate him more, I was very reluctant to even upload these for him as I hate him so much.
But here they are.

Street Section Shots

Not really much to say about this other than what the title shows. So I’ll write a little about the photo’s instead.

First photo, Paul Miller – Bars…. a couple of the Southy boys came down to bstokey, due to a massive hangover, I only saw them for about an hour on Saturday and a couple of hours on Sunday before it started to rain. So I shot this on Saturday night, once I had changed the batteries on my flashes after a failed first shot.

Second Photo, TTL Craig – Table…..not much to say really, TTL is a really good rider who I basically don’t take pictures of enough, so I intend to change that, and what better time to do it with this shot.

Click to enlarge.

Luke Towey ‘Skindaddy Edit’

As promised in my earlier post where I shot the production shots of this video being filmed, this is the finished product of Sam Barrow’s handy work. Check out Sam’s Vimeo and also Check out the Skindaddy Tumblr.

Enjoy the Video, I know I did.

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