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‘Behind The Scenes’

If I haven’t already told you/you don’t know, which is very unlikely as I seem to tell everyone, I also repeat myself a hell of a lot and everyone gets annoyed with it….but I work in projection at my local cinema (the good one).
If you read my previous posts, I probably don’t speak specifically highly of work, not because of my job, but just because its work, and who wants to work? Unless it’s doing something that you would do in your free time and get paid for doing it…..but then you’re just lucky.
Anyway, back to the point, even though I do go on about work, it’s particularly the hardest job, well, sometimes it can be, but if it was really easy they wouldn’t need anyone to do it….
Even though that’s the case, work can be easy, work can be hard and hectic at times, but I’m on the close shifts this week, and they normally aren’t that bad unless they’re Wednesdays or Thursdays as those are the days we change the adverts and trailers on all the films.

As I was doing the close shifts I decided to bring my camera into work, Tuesday nights aren’t usually that bad and you get a fair amount of free time, plus projection looks pretty sweet with all the lights off and just the projectors running, or the spotlights on.
So below is a few pictures, first 2 would just be some of the projectors and the projection hallway, the third on the other hand was several pictures of me lacing up the 35mm on the projector that I put together to make one picture…..a little self portrait if you please.

Anywho! Here are the pictures, so if you’re interested, ‘ave a look and if you’re not interested, fuck off and stop reading shit like this……you’re wasting your life away.


2 responses to “‘Behind The Scenes’

  1. ryan March 30, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    yoo that last one is pretty rad!

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