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Work is lame, always has been, always will be, unless you actually get a job in something you do, like a hobby, but…let’s face it, it’s the same for everyone, so you might as well make the most of what you like doing when you’re not working. This is exactly what I decided to do yesterday.
With me having to start work at 4pm, I woke up at the crack of noon, grabbed some food and a shower and headed down the park, where there was bound to be the usual people, like Moggs, TTL Craig, Trum, Chunky etc., but as it was a very sunny day, there was sure to be some more recognisable faces. When I got there, there was a few people jibbering about, and Craig was back on his bike, I could tell this before even parking up my car, as there was quite a nice row of VWs parked up in the car park, that’s usually how you know if the skate park is dead or not, take a scan of the car park to see if there is any cars you recognise.
So I got down, set up some flashes, sat on the 6ft and waited, I got a couple of shots, nothing spectacular, so I asked Moggs to do some stuff as I don’t really get enough shots from the top of the quarter anymore and wanted to try some things…flash placement etc., sure enough he did, so I got a couple shots of him. While he was doing this, Towey and Adam came down, I really wanted to try out a footjam shot as I don’t really get enough of them either so I asked the king of footjam’s – Towey to do a couple, and again, the demanding photographer gets his way.
So here are the shots I took, like I said, nothing special….as usual, but I really have to show the 3 fans of my blog something…….oh, and give Moggs a couple of new Facebook pictures, as he quite rightly put it.

Peace out.


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