Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography

Natural Light

I was bored after looking for a unit with the boys the other day, and I had about 3 hours until I had to be at work, so I thought id head to the skate park to see who was down, and mostly to test out my new battery grip I just bought with the money I made from selling my ps2 and games on eBay ;).
People down there were all trying the tech stuff, and to be honest I really couldn’t be bothered to set up all my flashes and stuff to find out I couldn’t actually get a decent picture. So I stuck my 52mm on and decided to take some portrait and more abstract photos with natural light, as I don’t think I have taken many natural light photos, if not any at all to be honest.
Also to try out my battery grip I decided to shoot most of them portrait, so it was basically a couple of hours just playing around with depth of field, natural light and manual aperture. But enough of that boring mumbo jumbo, I’ve posted some of the pictures down below. The rest are on my flickr 🙂 which I will be updating a bit more frequently now, if I remember ;).

Peace out.


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