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Tom ‘Tomi Kain’ Payne

I got a message on twitter a week or so ago from Tom Payne asking me if I wanted to take some pictures of him DJing in Swindon.
I hadn’t ever taken pictures like this before, the closest things to this I have taken would be probably taking a couple of pictures of my friends playing a gig, but I thought, fuck it, I wasn’t paying to get there, to get in or anything and it gave me something to do on a friday night. So I headed up with Tom and his mates Frankie and Chris (who’s 1.3 can win against a 2.7 Mercedes……hahaha) and I’m not overly upset with how the pictures turned out, I’m sure I could probably get them better with some practice, but a first time, I’m quite glad with the outcome.
It was also a pretty funny night, watching all the pillheads and drunks dancing, and Frankie getting asked if he wanted to buy a gram of coke, because he obviously looked like he stood out from all the other druggies there………
Getting harrassed by 3 girls as soon as I walked in probably wasn’t the best highlight of the night, even if it was funny, apparently I look like the Lead Singer of Fall Out Boy, and they kept taking pictures with us and getting annoyed if we didn’t pose, I feared for my life at one point when we didn’t smile at the camera, then I got asked to sing for a girl who was completely convinced I was from Fall Out Boy and kept calling me a liar.

All in all, it was a pretty good night, with the arguments of who’s car is faster and making up names for the stupid dances people were doing. Below I’ve added some pictures I felt were the best of Tom on the decks. I hope to do it again sometime.

Peace out.


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