Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography

The first dry day in a while

The above title means ‘lets ride’ in a lot of people’s mind, for me it means tak esome pictures, and I had the day off, so what better time to do it.

I have to admit though, it got bloody freezing and very dark extremely quickly, but that doesn’t stop the Bruza’s or the Tadley lot coming down the park, where we see James bust some gnarly lookback which I was lucky enough to get a picture of, but I think he is using it for something, so I’m not going to post it just yet.
We also saw Towey do some crazy tech stuff, after getting extremely annoyed with his bike and throwing it over the back rail.

Then to top it all off, Tommy was trying a downwhip transfer from box take off to spine and wanted a picture, we tried every angle possible, these consisted in him getting battered, bruised and unable to have kids, it also consisted of me fearing for my life, but, in true spirit, the ones that were hardest to take and most dangerous, looked shit. So I just took one from on top of the box, which personally, I’m not a fan of, but Tom liked it the best, so here it is.


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