Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography

It’s been a while

I haven’t posted one on here for a while….

I haven’t really got much, I’m working on a proper website, so all my new stuff, I’m putting on that, so when it gets launched, it’ll actually give something for people to read.
So I’m not really putting much on here anymore, but never the less, stay updated here, as I may put the occasional thing on here before the website gets launched…..if you’re lucky.

So at this time, I’ll leave you with this picture of Tommy Bruza I took last night, as he lost all his hair in his sleep, courtesy of Ratboy and his brother + a shaver, and, as much as I love Tom to bits, its pretty funny hahahaaa.

Oh and I almost forgot, I got my Emulusre T-shirt today….waiting for me on the doorstep when returning from work, it’s decent and I advise you all to go get one from Craig at Emulsure for the very reasonable price of £15 with free p&p.



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