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As shown by my last post, I’ve finally got my website up and running! and props out to FFWDBMX he sent out a post to tell people that check out his site that my site is up! That can be viewed here.

So cheers Mikey!

andddd….Zeal posted up a post too! which can be seen here, so thanks to James too!

And as the night goes on I’m finding out theLAB are posting links to my website on their Twitter and Facebook…..and also my good friend Johnny Gould, who is usually a massive douche, has done his bit in promoting and linked my new website on his Facebook too!!



The long awaited (for payday) website is finally up, after a morning of getting confused with new software and bank details, I finally have my website up, theres still a couple of pages not completed, just waiting on the info for them *cough* Dunc and Jason *cough*

But it is finally up at

So please check it out and enjoy!

Peace out, time to get ready for work….


‘Behind The Scenes’

If I haven’t already told you/you don’t know, which is very unlikely as I seem to tell everyone, I also repeat myself a hell of a lot and everyone gets annoyed with it….but I work in projection at my local cinema (the good one).
If you read my previous posts, I probably don’t speak specifically highly of work, not because of my job, but just because its work, and who wants to work? Unless it’s doing something that you would do in your free time and get paid for doing it…..but then you’re just lucky.
Anyway, back to the point, even though I do go on about work, it’s particularly the hardest job, well, sometimes it can be, but if it was really easy they wouldn’t need anyone to do it….
Even though that’s the case, work can be easy, work can be hard and hectic at times, but I’m on the close shifts this week, and they normally aren’t that bad unless they’re Wednesdays or Thursdays as those are the days we change the adverts and trailers on all the films.

As I was doing the close shifts I decided to bring my camera into work, Tuesday nights aren’t usually that bad and you get a fair amount of free time, plus projection looks pretty sweet with all the lights off and just the projectors running, or the spotlights on.
So below is a few pictures, first 2 would just be some of the projectors and the projection hallway, the third on the other hand was several pictures of me lacing up the 35mm on the projector that I put together to make one picture…..a little self portrait if you please.

Anywho! Here are the pictures, so if you’re interested, ‘ave a look and if you’re not interested, fuck off and stop reading shit like this……you’re wasting your life away.

Luke ‘I Can’t Set A Trend’ Towey

In between the shitty weather, the time comes to head to the park on days which you are not at work, and due to the fact I took the weekend off as a 3 day holiday for Staffy’s birthday in Plymouth, I didn’t want to waste the day, even though it kept spitting with rain on and off. Even though that was the case, whoever was down the park was still pretty much going off, so here’s a couple of pictures of Towey, including one which shows the rain/dampness on the floor getting the better of him. That one I’ve shown first, the second is a 180 from the top of the grind box to flat…..and the last is a bars clear on the driveway.


This post would be my Lightroom post…..
I recently acquired a copy of Adobe Lightroom, so I thought I would have a play with it having never used it before, so basically, that’s what these pictures below are, I took a picture of Chunky and one of my favourite pictures of Sparrow hopping his Fiesta and I edited them in Lightroom. Then I obviously posted them below. So please take a look, and maybe even tell me what you think if you’re feeling adventurous.

Tom ‘Baldy’ Bruza & Luke ‘I’m a Twat’ Towey

Yesterday was the first day since my last day off that I wasn’t on a night shift, so I thought I’d make the most of it and head to the skate park as soon as I came home… that’s exactly what I did.
There was one factor I wasn’t taking into mind, England’s weather……
I got to the skate park, started cleaning my mirrors in my camera, then I started to feel a slight bit of H₂0 starting to fall out the sky, but sure enough, Mr. Temperamental Weather decided to stop this about 10mins later, so I carried on setting up my flashes and that, which spent a total of about 15mins out before the rain came back, and in that 15mins I got absolutely no photos because the majority of people riding were too stoned to do anything.
But never the less, I didn’t just write this post to tell you my hatred for the English weather! When I was packing my equipment away, I got a shot of Tommy Bruza and Gayboy Towey, so I thought id post them up here for your amusement.


Work is lame, always has been, always will be, unless you actually get a job in something you do, like a hobby, but…let’s face it, it’s the same for everyone, so you might as well make the most of what you like doing when you’re not working. This is exactly what I decided to do yesterday.
With me having to start work at 4pm, I woke up at the crack of noon, grabbed some food and a shower and headed down the park, where there was bound to be the usual people, like Moggs, TTL Craig, Trum, Chunky etc., but as it was a very sunny day, there was sure to be some more recognisable faces. When I got there, there was a few people jibbering about, and Craig was back on his bike, I could tell this before even parking up my car, as there was quite a nice row of VWs parked up in the car park, that’s usually how you know if the skate park is dead or not, take a scan of the car park to see if there is any cars you recognise.
So I got down, set up some flashes, sat on the 6ft and waited, I got a couple of shots, nothing spectacular, so I asked Moggs to do some stuff as I don’t really get enough shots from the top of the quarter anymore and wanted to try some things…flash placement etc., sure enough he did, so I got a couple shots of him. While he was doing this, Towey and Adam came down, I really wanted to try out a footjam shot as I don’t really get enough of them either so I asked the king of footjam’s – Towey to do a couple, and again, the demanding photographer gets his way.
So here are the shots I took, like I said, nothing special….as usual, but I really have to show the 3 fans of my blog something…….oh, and give Moggs a couple of new Facebook pictures, as he quite rightly put it.

Peace out.

‘Boredom’ – The art to a DJ?

A couple of days ago, I was so incredibly bored it was unreal… after a session on the ol’ xbox, I decided to take to my laptop and mess around on a program called ‘VirtualDJ’, which, as my friend Rob quite rightly called it once, is a ‘great time killer’. I made this track, it’s only sampling, not full tracks, so hopefully it wont get deleted for infringement of copyright, but more importanly, it’s not good hahaha, but it’s 13 mins record time and it was fun to make. So anyway, you can download the track here, and below I put the track listing I used. Enjoy!

Track listing:

1. DJ Fresh – All That Jazz vs. Daft Punk – Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger (mixed by me)
2. Acceptable In The 80s (Tom Nev) – Calvin Harris
3. Clothes Off (John Harris Club) – Gym Class Heros
4. Satisfaction – The Biz
5. Rhythm Is A Dancer – Snap!
6. Pump Up The Jam – Technotronic
7. Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation
8. Riverside (Let’s Go) – Sidney Samson and Wizard Sleeve
9. Won’t Go Quietly – Example
10. I Like The Way – Bodyrockers
11. Black And Gold – Sam Sparro

Sunny Day

Sunny day hits basingstoke, but, again, it’s so very cold, so after shooting a picture of Craig Sims, a fellow photographer (whos flickr can be viewed here), doing a lookback, I got very cold, so I went home and sorted out some stuff on my car, then I head back for some night shots of James, which I may put up here if he doesn’t need to use them for any sponser stuff.
But I didn’t create this post to just tell you I went to the skate park….oh no…..below is the picture I took of Craig, aren’t I nice.


Natural Light

I was bored after looking for a unit with the boys the other day, and I had about 3 hours until I had to be at work, so I thought id head to the skate park to see who was down, and mostly to test out my new battery grip I just bought with the money I made from selling my ps2 and games on eBay ;).
People down there were all trying the tech stuff, and to be honest I really couldn’t be bothered to set up all my flashes and stuff to find out I couldn’t actually get a decent picture. So I stuck my 52mm on and decided to take some portrait and more abstract photos with natural light, as I don’t think I have taken many natural light photos, if not any at all to be honest.
Also to try out my battery grip I decided to shoot most of them portrait, so it was basically a couple of hours just playing around with depth of field, natural light and manual aperture. But enough of that boring mumbo jumbo, I’ve posted some of the pictures down below. The rest are on my flickr 🙂 which I will be updating a bit more frequently now, if I remember ;).

Peace out.

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