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Basingstoke Hits Southampton

Original I wasn’t going to go to Southampton, but as usual, my options left me with either not going and having a romantic man date with Chunky….or, going with my friends to Southampton and taking some pictures at Chandlers Ford bowl, then heading to Carlos’ house, having some drinks and heading into town with the Southey boys and showing the Southampton boys how Basingstoke boys drink, this was an obvious choice of course.
The night started off in a shit way I must admit, I get a call from Cleaver-Rice telling me to meet them at Tesco Express as we were all ready to leave, then just to text me 2 minutes later saying they had left because Sparrow left regardless of the fact Bevell and Rice were waiting for me……what a douche. So once I set off BY MYSELF, and got to Southampton, which consisted of a fair few phone calls to Rice asking him where the hell I was actually going, I got to Pijin, where I got to see Carlos and Miller ride the Pijin’s very own underground ‘Bat Cave’, which was a treat.
We then set off to Chandler’s Ford to check out how wet it was, once Dave got his daily supply of KFC of course.
We all got to Chandler’s Ford, after Sparrow got lost with Rob, and all their bikes and Dave’s bike in his car…. (now that’s karma). It was so cold at Chandler’s Ford too, after just about 30 mins of setting up my flashes; they already developed a decent amount of surface frost on them.

This is the second time I had been to this bowl, but compared to that time, this time the bowl was a treat, everything from Rice drunken riding around it and Sparrow being his sketchy self, to seeing the Southey boys show off their skills, which was near enough a first for me to see, it was a good session.
This was also the first time I had actually taken pictures at a bowl; unless you can call Bournemouth a bowl, which to all fairness, I do not, and it was a task within itself, not know where to set up flashes, or where to stand without getting hit. But never the less, I gave it a whirl, and the outcome wasn’t too bad for the first time.

The night went on after Chandler’s Ford, and very drunkenly. Driving to ASDA with Miller shouting abuse out the car window on my megaphone, then driving across Southampton to Carlos’ house doing the same and making a cyclist very scared! Once we got to Carlos’ house, we had a few drinks, while Carlos put on a DVD and I edited some photos, a good bottle of vodka, a few litres of cider and a fair few beers got drunk, needless to say, everyone was a bit tipsy by the time we headed out to town at about 12, which Carlos said was a 15-20min walk, and it took us around an hour….the best part probably was Rice being so drunk and a complete state.
Not much else went on really other than a laugh in a club/pub with some good music and me and Rob getting separated from everyone on a way back and having to shell out for a taxi as we got lost in the middle of Southampton.

The morning wasn’t great, as this consisted of me having 4 hours sleep on a floor, a 45min drive from Southey to Basingstoke straight to work, feeling sick with a massive headache and having the work day mainly being me falling asleep and my manager laughing at me. 8 hours passed eventually, I went home at 6 and fell asleep for 16 hours, ready to start the workday again the next day.

But enough of me rambling on about stuff you probably don’t even care about; let’s talk about the pictures I am posting here.

First picture: Paul Miller – 180 Bars not much to say apart from he asked me to get this picture, then boom, first time shot, first time pulled, done.

Second picture: Paul Miller – Bars Fakie interesting story about this picture, well maybe not so interesting, he did this trick about 6 times, each time pulling the bars, but only twice pulling the fakie, first time I got the bars perfect, but he didn’t pull it, second time he pulled it, but I was left with the picture below, which I didn’t really get as well……and miller said he doesn’t like his ass sticking out haha. We had a couple more shots, but they just didn’t really do it for either of us. Finally, I got a nice angle, a good timing and he pulled it, but, much to mine and Miller’s disappointment, Rice and Bevell put their hands in front of my flashes, causing the picture not to come out……well done guys. So after all that, we decided to go for the picture where he pulled it, even though I didn’t get the timing well and he doesn’t like the fact his ass is sticking out, I still think it’s a sick trick anyway.

Third picture: Carlos Gomez – Table Air I saw Carlos do this trick when I was setting up and I thought I had to shoot it, I didn’t know what kind of angle etc. to get so I asked him to do the trick a couple of times, which was no problem with him, this ended up with the picture below.

Forth picture: Jack ‘Sparrow’ Ford – Invert one thing about this photo that everyone will say as soon as he puts it up……NOT PULLED, hahahaha, although I have seen him pull one before.

So after that nice long essay about a night in Southampton and my not so fun day after at work, I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the night.

Peace out.

Paul Miller – 180 Bars

Paul Miller – Bars Fakie

Carlos Gomez – Table Air

Jack ‘Sparrow’ Ford – Invert


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