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James ‘I like shit films’ Bruza

When Rob told me James, Tom and himself were going on a street mission I jumped at the chance, as I haven’t got any street pictures in so long.
Unfortunately, the only picture I got of Rob turned out to be ridiculously out of focus, I could’ve sworn it looked much better on the camera, but that’s what happens when you can’t take a picture…..

Back to the subject of the post, we went to look for street in the day, we settled down to shoot some pictures when it was dark, at John Hunt school in Popley… not even anywhere new, as all the places we went to look for street turned out to be quite a disappointment, James got a couple of pictures none the less, as usual he didn’t like them because he was ‘too tired’ blah blah blah, but he assured me we would re-shoot them when he’s back on it.

Also, for once in a long time, the security guard came over, sat for a bit watching Tom, while I was packing up, asked me what I was doing, so I told him and he actually said ‘I hope you’re not packing up on my account’, which I was fairly surprised about, considering he didn’t say ‘Can you please leave’ like usual.

Never the less, this is how the pictures turned out.

Nosebonk 180

Hop Table


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