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Ok, now this one is done by Mikey King, Sam King and Craig Tull – whose website I mentioned earlier in my blog.

I do urge you to check out ffwdbmx, as, even though it pains me to say, as its a creation that involves Mike King, it is a very good website, with brilliant contributions from Craig (mentioned below), Sam, another very talented photographer – whose photostream can be view here and his very own website can be found here, and finally Mike King which obviously can be found on ffwdbmx – here and his video stream can be found here.

But enough of the linkage, time for me to give my view of the site……..
Like I said before, it pains me to say anything good comes from Mike, even if he is a great filmographer guy and produces some great masterpieces. But this website is another brilliant contribution to the world of bmx, with a pretty constantly updated video and photo section from the websites creators, to a ‘contribute’ section where you can, obviously, contribute your own material for all to see and comment.
You can also follow ffwdbmx on twitter and facebook, where you can again have constant updates on the websites activity, they even do a iTunes podcast, if you want to subscribe so you can watch video’s anytime on your iPoodle, even if the podcasts are hardly ever updated…….

I dunno what really else to say other than go to it, it’s a brilliant website, it’s an instant cure to boredom, and it is created by 3 very talented people at what they do.

So go to it, and enjoy.



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