Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography


Still snowing outside…….still shitty weather…….still so desperate to take photo’s, but I thought I should update this with something.

So what better time than this to say about my friend and very talented fellow photographer Craig Tull and his new website, which can be found here, it is called Emulsure.
It is daily updated with a different video on the homepage, which I find sweeeeeeet, because, as a non-bmxer and just a photographer, I love watching video’s and looking at media of riding, but I never know the good video’s to watch, and this website is awesome and really is entertaining!

He is also an amazing photographer, and his photostream can be found here, and, if that all isn’t enough, he even makes his own video’s! which can be found here.

Anyway, enough of me brown nosing him, just go check out his stuff, as it is very impressive.

Peace out


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