Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography


In large amounts, I don’t like snow, it’s cold, it’s wet, Basingstoke roads cannot cope with it so its very difficult to actually go anyway, my work never closes and I still can’t take any pictures, which sucks.

But this aside, we make the most of it right?
So here’s some videos in the snow, the first is my friend Cleaver-Rice stacking it…….hard, down the big hill next to my house that we nick named ‘The Cliff’.
And the second video is of my friends James ‘Bruza’ Ivett getting towed at 25mph on a snow bike which he made out of his old bmx parts and a couple of blank skate decks.
Anyway, they’re both a treat so watch and enjoy 🙂
….Oh! and I hope all your Christmases and New Year’s festivities were off the chain!

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