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James ‘Bruza’ Ivett

After a stupid amount of snow, the time finally came back around that it’s dry enough to go down the skatepark, and even though it being bitterly cold, I jumped at the chance to try out my new 18-250mm lens, I haven’t taken pictures in so long and it felt like I was having withdrawal symptoms, it wasn’t cool.

So as soon as I could, I left work, drove home, got a jacket and my camera and went straight down the park, just to see a chilled little session going down as it got dark and the ramps got dewey, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to take a couple of photo’s, so I talked to James and he told me he needed a couple of promo shots done for Simpel Session, where he is riding for Mongoose, so I said ‘fo’ shore’ and set up a couple of flashes and whipped out the new lens, I was surprised that I could get all the camera and flash settings right first time as it had been so long, anyway, I shot some pictures, pretty happy with the new lens……then when I got home I blew the cobwebs off photoshop and whipped them up a bit and sent them to james.

It just feels so good to be back out and shooting again, I just hope the weather stays dry, even if it’s cold, I don’t care, as long as there is photo opportunities.

Bring on Estonia…..


New 18-250mm

I’ve been wanting a lens like this for a while, just purely so I don’t have to keep changing lenses if I’m on the go, or if I’m shooting a gig or comp.
So I thought I’d use my xmas money combined with pay cheque, to make me completely skint for a couple of months so I could get this lens before Estonia…..which is in just over a week 🙂

Anyway, I took these pictures when messing with my new 52mm, the picture above is my new 18-250mm, taken with the Helios 52mm and the picture below is taken with my new 18-250mm 🙂


52mm Helios

Got a new lens just before xmas, I wanted a prime lens, then I saw this Helios 52mm pop up on ebay for an absolute bargain of £8 haha, so I had to get it, just for a play, so while it was snowy and I was stuck inside I took a couple shots, so I thought I’d share them with you.


Ok, now this one is done by Mikey King, Sam King and Craig Tull – whose website I mentioned earlier in my blog.

I do urge you to check out ffwdbmx, as, even though it pains me to say, as its a creation that involves Mike King, it is a very good website, with brilliant contributions from Craig (mentioned below), Sam, another very talented photographer – whose photostream can be view here and his very own website can be found here, and finally Mike King which obviously can be found on ffwdbmx – here and his video stream can be found here.

But enough of the linkage, time for me to give my view of the site……..
Like I said before, it pains me to say anything good comes from Mike, even if he is a great filmographer guy and produces some great masterpieces. But this website is another brilliant contribution to the world of bmx, with a pretty constantly updated video and photo section from the websites creators, to a ‘contribute’ section where you can, obviously, contribute your own material for all to see and comment.
You can also follow ffwdbmx on twitter and facebook, where you can again have constant updates on the websites activity, they even do a iTunes podcast, if you want to subscribe so you can watch video’s anytime on your iPoodle, even if the podcasts are hardly ever updated…….

I dunno what really else to say other than go to it, it’s a brilliant website, it’s an instant cure to boredom, and it is created by 3 very talented people at what they do.

So go to it, and enjoy.



Still snowing outside…….still shitty weather…….still so desperate to take photo’s, but I thought I should update this with something.

So what better time than this to say about my friend and very talented fellow photographer Craig Tull and his new website, which can be found here, it is called Emulsure.
It is daily updated with a different video on the homepage, which I find sweeeeeeet, because, as a non-bmxer and just a photographer, I love watching video’s and looking at media of riding, but I never know the good video’s to watch, and this website is awesome and really is entertaining!

He is also an amazing photographer, and his photostream can be found here, and, if that all isn’t enough, he even makes his own video’s! which can be found here.

Anyway, enough of me brown nosing him, just go check out his stuff, as it is very impressive.

Peace out


In large amounts, I don’t like snow, it’s cold, it’s wet, Basingstoke roads cannot cope with it so its very difficult to actually go anyway, my work never closes and I still can’t take any pictures, which sucks.

But this aside, we make the most of it right?
So here’s some videos in the snow, the first is my friend Cleaver-Rice stacking it…….hard, down the big hill next to my house that we nick named ‘The Cliff’.
And the second video is of my friends James ‘Bruza’ Ivett getting towed at 25mph on a snow bike which he made out of his old bmx parts and a couple of blank skate decks.
Anyway, they’re both a treat so watch and enjoy 🙂
….Oh! and I hope all your Christmases and New Year’s festivities were off the chain!

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