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Bevell’s Rado

Recently, my good friend Jonny Bevell got a new VR6 Corrado, he may have spent his his savings on it, it also might be still on stilts, but my god is it fast, very comfy, has basically automated everything and he is spending a fair few quid on it. That’s right, he’s not doing what everyone else is doing/does (spending as little as possible on making the car what they want), no…..he is buying all the top of the range stuff and making it a ‘B Machine’, as usual, the stinking well off turd.

Anyway, here is some pictures, shame it’s basically a shopping trolley.


One response to “Bevell’s Rado

  1. Dunk January 12, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Next time put the lights on, stick a flash inside the car and turn the whYelks the other way in the head on shots, otherwise it's just a car in a car park.

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