Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography

Jack ‘Sparrow’ Ford

This is my good friend Sparrow, who I take pictures of fairly often to be honest, as when you hang out with someone whenever they’re out, it kinda happens like that.

In fact, earlier on in this blog I took some pictures of him jumping his car, which can be found here.
But enough about that, more about these pictures, I took these on a ‘moist’ night at the park, as, in the current weather conditions, this seems to be the best we get, ‘damp with puddles’ not cool, but, we make the most of it to say the least.
It was a complete coincidence I saw Sparrow at the park this night as I text some people, but all of them were on duty, and Sparrow was the only one who didn’t reply, so I decided to take a trip to the park anyway to see who as down there and if there was any photo opportunities, as I was going a bit cold turkey with the old camera.
I got down there, Sparrow was there, and he hadn’t looked at his phone in a while and was also surprised to run into me, so I took a few shots of him, which made a change, as I think these are the only BMX shots I’ve shot in about 2 months, which is too long, and I hope for that to change when I get my new lenses, which are coming soon :).
But enough about my camera habits, here is my favourite picture of Sparrow I took that night, happy viewing and stay tuned for new posts when the weather clears up.


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