Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography

Hanging Post

There’s a hanging post on the outskirts of Basingstoke, to be honest, it’s effort to get to.

But when your sitting in leisure park car park on a friday or saturday night with no money and nothing to do, and it is foggy and dark, apparently a hanging post and creepy churches seem a good idea.
After stupid amounts of driving around in basically a big circle down bumpy country roads in a very low van and Sparrow’s mk3 Golf estate, we finally climbed a very steep hill to find ourselves at the bottom of a dirt track that led to the hanging post.
We got out the cars/van with torches and my camera, and walked up the dirty, puddly, wet track and finally got to the top where the hanging post was, I think the worst thing was it was graffitied with penis’ and ‘tags’, but never the less, to stand next to it and think people were genuinely hung there was kinda weird to say the least. I think it would’ve been a perfect photo opportunity if it was a clear night, as it over-looked the whole of Basingstoke which was pretty awesome, but unfortunately it was misty/foggy so you couldn’t see much.
Either way I took a picture of the hanging post, so here it is, and underneath is a picture of Sam driving his van after my lens got very condensed and misty, but I kinda liked it in a weird way, so enjoy!


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