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weather sucks, money sucks, not great situation at the moment, but who could royally give a fuck?

earlier this week i took a mosey down to the stay fit premiere in southampton, kindly hosted by the good men at pijin at the very accommodating orange rooms, which with very comfy seats, a projector and £1.60 for a glass of coke seemed very comforting.
The bad thing about this was that it made me want to watch every bmx video i could lay my hands on, and its just making me upset that the weather is shit and all i wanna do is take some fucking pictures, but on the plus side, it also made me find this video which is of my very good friend James ‘Bruza’ Ivett, so props to him! and it can prove that basingstoke can be sunny! so bring it back so i can update this blog with something other than my useless ramblings!
ross is out! x

Billy Talent


from getting dead legs and bruises from Cancer Bats (2nd support) and flooring the first person that came into contact with my flailing arm. Also Canterbury (1st support), who are from Basingstoke and whose album is up for free download here.
Once it got to Billy Talent I pushed my way down to the front by the second song, and got pushed up against the barrier and getting a massive bruise across my chest and getting ridiculously sweaty and probably losing about 5 gallons of body fluid.
Anyway, it was so fun, one of the best gigs I have ever been to and I can’t wait for the next tour!
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