Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography


Just had one of the sickest weeks, tuesday night was go-karting with work, all paid for 🙂 where we won! followed by seeing a friend very drunk and a creepy man coming on to one of my male bosses.

Then Wednesday, I spent the whole day at thorpe park for fright night with my good friend Johnny Gould, where it was stupidly quiet so we got to do EVERY ride at least twice and did all the fright night mazes which were awesome and amazingly scary, and I got to see Gould shoulder barge an old lady into a face plant.
Following this I went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox with a couple of friends on friday, and weirdly that turned out to be a pretty good night too 🙂 and today my lovely sister cooked me a beautiful meal and I had a nice relaxing day with her and her amazing dog called Maisy.
Then this week I’m seeing Billy Talent on thursday 😀 followed by pay day on friday where I’m booking my Estonia tickets for Simpel Session! Can’t wait for that either, and to top the weekend off we’re all going out for halloween into town for my good friend Richard Eastwood’s birthday where I can actually have a good time out after being paid, and another Sunday off to enjoy a recovery day, so all in all, a pretty eventful week, hopefully followed by another.
Peace out world.
(p.s. – enjoy this picture of my work go-karting night with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the podium)


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