Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography


………….absolutely sucks, all I wanna do is take some bloody photo’s and all that happens recently is rain, rain, rain AND MORE RAIN, it aint cool.

Hopefully it dries up for No Rice on wednesday, which coincidentally is also the day I am getting my tattoo finished, so I’ll take a picture of that too 🙂
On the plus side for Gould’s birthday on Saturday we went to the big LDN which was a laugh, good fun it was, then to come back to go out on B-Stokey town, drink wayyyyy too much and sorting out a dance off in Liquid, then waking up after 6 hours of sleep with no hangover….times like these make me happy, even with the shocking weather.
Either way, I hate not being able to do something when you want to, so I’ll leave you with this picture of a nice day so whoever looks at this and thinks the same as me, it’ll give them some hope that tomorrow will be a better day.
Peace out.


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