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Just had one of the sickest weeks, tuesday night was go-karting with work, all paid for 🙂 where we won! followed by seeing a friend very drunk and a creepy man coming on to one of my male bosses.

Then Wednesday, I spent the whole day at thorpe park for fright night with my good friend Johnny Gould, where it was stupidly quiet so we got to do EVERY ride at least twice and did all the fright night mazes which were awesome and amazingly scary, and I got to see Gould shoulder barge an old lady into a face plant.
Following this I went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox with a couple of friends on friday, and weirdly that turned out to be a pretty good night too 🙂 and today my lovely sister cooked me a beautiful meal and I had a nice relaxing day with her and her amazing dog called Maisy.
Then this week I’m seeing Billy Talent on thursday 😀 followed by pay day on friday where I’m booking my Estonia tickets for Simpel Session! Can’t wait for that either, and to top the weekend off we’re all going out for halloween into town for my good friend Richard Eastwood’s birthday where I can actually have a good time out after being paid, and another Sunday off to enjoy a recovery day, so all in all, a pretty eventful week, hopefully followed by another.
Peace out world.
(p.s. – enjoy this picture of my work go-karting night with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the podium)


Budget Jam 2009 Pictures

After reading the issue in this months ride, written by Dunc, I remembered I still haven’t put up my pictures I took from Budget Jam, so here are my top 10, as I’m not uploading all of them, mainly because….
1. It’ll take ages,
2. I have no where to put them
and 3. They weren’t great

so here are my favourites, and the write up I wrote can be found here.

Self Portrait

I’ve been trying to work out my flashes with my photography in a while, and as my tattoo got finished today (by Alex Simpson at Poison Ink), I thought I’d do a self portrait to try out some flash photography…….and to show off my new tattoo because I’m really pleased with it, so here it is.


………….absolutely sucks, all I wanna do is take some bloody photo’s and all that happens recently is rain, rain, rain AND MORE RAIN, it aint cool.

Hopefully it dries up for No Rice on wednesday, which coincidentally is also the day I am getting my tattoo finished, so I’ll take a picture of that too 🙂
On the plus side for Gould’s birthday on Saturday we went to the big LDN which was a laugh, good fun it was, then to come back to go out on B-Stokey town, drink wayyyyy too much and sorting out a dance off in Liquid, then waking up after 6 hours of sleep with no hangover….times like these make me happy, even with the shocking weather.
Either way, I hate not being able to do something when you want to, so I’ll leave you with this picture of a nice day so whoever looks at this and thinks the same as me, it’ll give them some hope that tomorrow will be a better day.
Peace out.

Edition 38 Pics

After getting some photo’s published, which I am still over the moon about, I’ve chosen my top 20 pics I took and decided to put them up here…………so enjoy.

My full write up on E38 can be found here.

First Published Photos!!!

So stoked today, got home from work and this months PVW was waiting for me, I knew the E38 article was in it, and after I sent my pictures off to them, I wondered if they liked them, after reading the article and recognizing some pictures I was wondering if they used them, then flicking back I looked at where they say where the pictures were from, to see my name!!! I was so happy, after looking through the article a couple of times, I think they used about 10-15 of my photos, I can’t really be bothered to compare, as I’d imagine it would be fairly painstaking to do that. The article is 9 pages long, so there is a fair few pictures!
I’m just super happy that they looked at my photos, let alone using them.
Here’s some pictures of the magazine, which is also a really good issue so if you are into your VW’s then I would say you should buy it 🙂

Craig Taylor

Now here’s a boy a haven’t seen in a long time, I used to take loads of pictures of Craig when I started photography, he’s a bit of a ‘picture whore’, but I haven’t seen him on a bike in ages…….
But even though that is the case, when he gets back on, he’s never afraid to bust out a dialed invert or lookback as this picture will entail.

Tommmmmmy Bruza

I wrote a little about Tom earlier in my blog, but I haven’t taken riding pictures of him in a while, when he asked me to take this shot he said he had landed a couple, I’d never even seen him try it, so I set up, and BAM first try, smooth, to pedals. But he wanted a different angle, so I took another, so here’s 2 pictures for you, because I’m nice like that.


Owner of Pointtless, and another crazy Tadley boy, Hank is a charming young man who loves to ride his bike…..ok, enough of that gay shit, here’s some pictures 🙂

Luke Towey

Following his web edit, interview in ride and budget jam victory, the tech master that is Luke Towey also got hooked up by James Hitchcox at Zeal BMX Distribution, so he has a beautiful new bike and lots of free shit, which is always nice, but enough of me bigging him up, here is a couple of shots of his ‘non-tech’ shit.

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