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Edition 38

Weekend just gone I took a trip to E38 with some friends, convoying up with a 1.9 tdi pd van, a vr6 van, lewis’ mk4 polo and my mk2 jetta, racing up the m1 as fast as we all could, would’ve been a policeman’s dream and luckily we didn’t get stopped.
When we got there, it was car after car of niceness, if you saw a standard car you would be surprised, and after the first day I realized some people have too much time/money.
I have to admit, saturday was the best, anything from the ridiculously sick rides with details down to a VW emblem on the gold dipstick and 20″ shiny chrome bentley wheels. Followed by a night of WAYYYY too much booze and martyn cooper shouting abuse down the megaphone at randoms and making any car that passed, to get the driver to get out and do a rolly polly, honestly hours of entertainment.
That night was monumental too, after creating 3 dance circles with some people dressed as goldie lookin chain and receiving £2.58 and a pint from them, and nearly getting a porsche 911, before the matey realized he just gave me his keys and snatched them back hahaha. Then being come on to by a 40yr old woman with her husband standing next to her….then WINNING A DANCE OFF AGAINST CAPTAIN AMERICA, no lie, he stood down and I got cheered on, best moment of my life 🙂 hahaah. then finding randoms that were obsessed with making me chug vodka (fyi DO NOT chug half a can of carlsberg mixed with vodka because is sooooo disgusting) then meeting phonejacker and superman, and doing some stuff that at the time felt good, but when it got to morning, it felt shitty…which brings me on to sunday morning when I woke up to a greasy penis on my car and a VW emblem on my roof made out of sausages, still drunk, hanging out my door being sick, rice had to drive my car to the front where everyone wanted to park, then they went round looking at everything they had missed while I stayed at my car hanging soooo bad, slowly recovering and trying to rest, before everyone left at about 1ish and rice nicely deciding to stay with me until I felt just enough sober/not shitty enough to take the 100 mile drive home.
All in all even with the sunday morning calamity it was a mega weekend, and on top of that PVW actually said they’d have a look at my photos, so I’m not gonna post any up here just yet, wait until the issue is out, just one of our convoy, one of a couple of goldie lookin chain with me, rice and delly and my state on sunday – see below.

hope I havn’t bored you, PEACE OUT


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