Ross Penny

Ross Penny Photography

New Car

Not only did it just past my 19th birthday, and that isn’t a great thing, lets face it, 18 is where your birthdays stop being good…..but luckily, I had a couple things to make it worth while, I ordered a whole new flash setup, which was pretty expensive, but hopefully worth while. And the best part is I have a new car now, luckily, my friend Cleaver-Rice had a slight misfortune and bought a 1989 Mk2 VW Jetta so he could do an engine and front end conversion for his 1988 Mk2 VW Golf, but after taking the engine out the Golf he decided not to and let me have the Jetta for a cheap £200, even though it had no mot or tax, I took the offer, he helped to work on it, we got it through an mot, lowered it, debadged grill, I put in my sound system, gave the wheels a spray, insured and taxed it, now just needs a paint and possibly new wheels when i get some money, probably a new bumper too as its hanging off a bit. Here’s a picture i took last night.


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