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Robins Cinema – Take 2

Wanted to get some more pictures of this place, using flashes as opposed to just hand held lights, but after getting there and people complaining they didn’t like it, I realised I had most the pictures I could possibly get, so it ended up in me teaching Cleaver-Rice about long shutter speeds and drawing with light. Then ending up in a couple more pictures using flashes, as I couldn’t go away from there with nothing.
Check them out.


Sparrows Car

The long awaited pictures of Sparrow’s car that I took a while back finally made it onto my computer, and disappointingly, as always the never look as good on the big screen, so here is, what I feel is the best picture, no doubt Sparrow will see this and ask for the rest of the pictures, which will consist of more work for me to do, but if he has any sense he will be happy with this one and stop hassling me before I burn his house to the ground. I even cropped it, added a border and didn’t add my name to it like he asked, just because I’m nice, he better credit me too. Enjoy.

The Jetta

Back to the car, I’ve had a lot of help with it recently, from a good friend Sparrow and his brother Sam. And the enthusiasm people show for it is rather assuring, planning to band the wheels, widen the arches, get a new bumper and respray the parts that need respraying. But everyone can have aspirations, wether you follow through with them or not is completely different. Went to my first no-rice in it too, and a few people had a look, which is better than pulling up there in my old 106 and people being sick. Here’s a new picture……..

Tadley Jam

Not much to put here. I was going to go, having time off work is a rarity for me, and therefore if there is something to do, I will do it, and actually having transport, it was a given. After getting there in the ghetto of tadley, setting up some camera equipment at a very small skatepark where many of the AWE infected tadley boys used to ride loads making themselves what they are today, then getting asked by someone with nike airs and a burberry cap how much my camera equipment was worth, I decided to keep my photo taking to a minimum, and it shows, therefore coming out with basically nothing, except this picture of Tadley’s/Basingstoke’s wonder Luke Towey, who by the way has a wonderful new video filmed by wizz kid samwise, which can be seen here.

Robins Cinema

Again, thanks to Dunc – he let me know about this amazing abandoned cinema, which in part it had looked like it had been on fire or involved in a flash flood, but either way the projection and theatre rooms were in such good condition and going at the dead of night was quite a freaky and sketchy idea on my account. Here’s a couple of pictures…..







Projection Room

Bar Area

New Car

Not only did it just past my 19th birthday, and that isn’t a great thing, lets face it, 18 is where your birthdays stop being good…..but luckily, I had a couple things to make it worth while, I ordered a whole new flash setup, which was pretty expensive, but hopefully worth while. And the best part is I have a new car now, luckily, my friend Cleaver-Rice had a slight misfortune and bought a 1989 Mk2 VW Jetta so he could do an engine and front end conversion for his 1988 Mk2 VW Golf, but after taking the engine out the Golf he decided not to and let me have the Jetta for a cheap £200, even though it had no mot or tax, I took the offer, he helped to work on it, we got it through an mot, lowered it, debadged grill, I put in my sound system, gave the wheels a spray, insured and taxed it, now just needs a paint and possibly new wheels when i get some money, probably a new bumper too as its hanging off a bit. Here’s a picture i took last night.

Germany BMX Worlds 09

I’ve finally hit a day where I can update this thing.

I managed to blag a press pass, a free ticket in and a lanyard letting me into the ramp areas, so I got some ok photos. All this I have to say is thanks to Duncan Smith from who is a bleeding legend fo’ shore, and it was very nice of him to post some of my favourites on his blog on The Rolling Image, so props to him!

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