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first action sequences with new camera

Yay, finally got the 30D out down to the skatepark and to advantage of what i bought it for, the fps!

and i’m very happy with the result, i also got my zenitar lens working, so the sequence shots below were all taken with my new 16mm zenitar lens =]. enjoy!


Santa Pod – Classic Ford Show

Went to the classic ford show the other day at Santa Pod, very hot, very sunburnt, very de-hydrated, very good day.

I took my camera, as always, and got some lovely shots of my good friend Jack ‘sparrow’ Ford’s car.

AND on the way to the classic ford show I learnt a VERY VALUABLE lesson, DO NOT stand in the door, with the door open with only a roof to hold onto on Sam’s Van (picture below) while he accelerates around a car, when his car can easily do 140mph and the acceleration is monumental, honestly probably one of the most scary moments of my life.

All photos can be seen at www
these include the pictures from the VW show we went to as well
here are some tasters of them……

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